Posteado por: Pablo | enero 17, 2010

Security communication on MRF24J40

After a couple of days trying to have a successful packet transference using the radio module from Microchip, the solution ended up being related with the initialization of the device.

In the protocol we are using is not needed to use the Extended 64bits address, just the 16bits address is enough, therefore in the initialization routine of the MRF24J40 the registers associeted with the extended address were never written.

The problem appeared when the packages transmitted from the coordinator were decrypted successfully but not when the communication was from the End Device.

It seems the security engine of the radio module needs a value in the extended address fields. it was the solution, in the inicialitation of the device, now there is a value being written.



  1. I have the same problem. When security is enabled, the communication crash. Can you tell me the exact things to do in the code? Thank you

    • amico, it’s been long time since i worked with that device. my recommendation not to trust the “default” values of the registers, therefore you should make the initialization yourself. Put all the registers of initialization in your needed values, no matter if those are the default…u know what I mean, right?

      good luck with that!

  2. Thank you ! Can you give me some extra info in more details? if this is possible 😉 Thanks a lot

    • Sorry Mario, it’s years since I dont work with the device, plus I left the company where I was working on that, so I dont have access to the code anymore which, any ways belongs to the company. But its not hard, it’s just check the datasheet, define your initialization values and set them (no matter if those are the default ones). try to set the whole value by once, and not bit by bit.



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